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Innova Traveler Decked Inflatable Kayak

Innova Traveler Decked Inflatable Kayak
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Sale Price: $699.00
Compared at: $999.00
You Save: $300.00
Manufacturer: Innova
Shipping Weight: 40.00 lbs
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The ten foot long Innova Traveler Inflatable Kayak is a fully enclosed inflatable kayak with a regular hardshell kayak's cockpit rim for a sprayskirt, which s not included. Please note that there is another model from AIRE in the Tandem Touring i.k. section also called the Traveler, though it's a large inflatable canoe, not a kayak. It weighs 30 pounds, is 28" wide, and has four main air chamber if you count the top deck.

These are now on sale for only $699. This is a full $300 off the retail, and $250 below our previous price.

Innova Traveler Inflatable Kayak is Made for TOURING

We know there are people who will see this model and ponder it as a whitewater vehicle. There are even photos floating around the ether showing the Traveler on rivers, but it's no mistake we list it in our Touring section rather than with the solo whitewater models. Neither we nor Tim from Innova want to market this as a river boat due to the ease with which it can entrap your legs in a wrap. More about that below.

The Traveler is essentially a decked version of the Innova Safari (which is listed with our whitewater one person models) with three differences. First, the seat back is lower to accommodate the deck. Second, there are no bail holes because the boat is completely enclosed. Since it doesn't have to bail, the third difference is that the floor thickness can be reduced from the Safari's 5" down to just 3". This allows space for your legs inside, which you would not have if the floor was two inches thicker. Just as importantly, the thinner floor chamber also lowers your gravity center enough to make this model quite a bit more stable than the tippy Safari. All this adds up to a design that one can truly call an "inflatable kayak".

Traveler Inflatable Kayak has Increased Stability

Even with the increased stability and the Traveler's fairly large cockpit opening, only paddlers with short legs who have a bomb proof roll on both sides should even think about using this in whitewater. The problem is that your legs can be entrapped easily in a broach or wrap as the boat folds up. Even older polyethylene hulled kayaks used to bend so fast under the force of a wrap that paddlers who lacked adequate pillars (vertical bracing inside the hull between their legs) often ended up drowning. So, despite the fact that some paddlers in Europe may use these for intermediate and even advanced level runs, we would suggest this is not the best use for the Traveler. There is a new decked model on our site from Incept in New Zealand called the Sally that has an even larger cockpit opening, and it would be a safer bet if you really want an enclosed river inflatable. The Sally also inflates more rigidly than the Traveler.

Innova Inflatable Kayak, Traveler, Appropriate Use

Now that we've scared some of you, let's talk about more appropriate uses for this kayak. The Traveler can keep you warmer than open inflatables in the ocean or on other cold open water, and it's made of high grade 1200 denier nitryl throughout - unlike many of the clunkier Chinese decked imports with vinyl bladders. As long as you use a sprayskirt the Traveler makes a great and zippy craft for places like Alaska, Canada, Maine, and the great Lakes region. We don't stock sprayskirts, but almost any hardshell shop will have a good variety, and you can even find a few on Ebay.

This model, unlike the Innova Safari, Sunny, and Swing series, does not come with a tracking fin so it's a bit squirrely until you get used to it. We have Innova skeg kits you can glue on (you glue the fin patch onto the underside of the Traveler; the actual fin is removable) in the kayak accessory section. They run $39, or $35 if you purchase it with the boat.

It's pretty hard to stow camp gear and sleeping bags inside a Traveller, but those of you who manage to do overnighter's out of smaller hardshell kayaks should be able to make it work. We do not inventory this model, but delivery times are still roughly the same as with others that we do stock - 2 to 6 business days depending where you are. If you are afraid to put on a sprayskirt, we would suggest you may be better off with the solo Helios I in this section, which is still a bit drier than some of the more "open" models. But if you are looking for a fast, sporty kayak that offers good protection from the elements, the Traveler is worth looking into.

Innova Traveler Inflatable Kayak - Drybag Included

A carry / drybag is included. Please note that any accessories purchased with your boat are 10% off, and also note that our shopping cart as yet does NOT reflect these discounts - it will show a higher total so we will adjust the bottom line before ringing the transaction through. If for any reason we manage to forget, we will enclose a refund check for the difference inside the box with your receipt.

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