AIRE Bolt-On Skeg Kit for AIRE Inflatable Kayaks

AIRE Bolt-On Skeg Kit for AIRE Inflatable Kayaks
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Price: $39.00
Manufacturer: AIRE
Shipping Weight: 1.00 lbs
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Note- this item is no longer available. As of July 2014 we are now out, and AIRE is unable to obtain all the parts required to make up more kits. The only remaining fin kit is the glue-on version, which is also in this section of our site.

AIRE & Tributary IKs ONLY! AIRE's little Skeg Kit requires a few minutes to install and remove each time, if you choose to remove it, and the actual fin is about the size of what you might find on a toy bathtub shark. The fin is made of Zitel like many river knife sheaths. It and delrin are two of the strongest plastics made. AIRE has discontinued this item, but we special-ordered some, so we'll have these for the foreseeable future. Please note that our photo is not accurate now because the shape of the fin itself has changed a lot. It is now longer, but shallower. The total surface area is about the same, but it is more of a skinny triangle rather than looking like the main ingredient for shark fin soup as shown.

The white diamond shaped plate shown in the pic is placed inside your AIRE/Trib's floor pocket, under the floor bladder, which you do by opening the floor zipper most of the way. There are two little pre-drilled holes in the plate. You mark through them with a pen onto the bottom layer of the floor envelope, and hammer holes through the marks with a little punch that AIRE provides. Watch your pinkies because the punch is tiny. Once this is done, you pass two allen screws through the plate holes and into pre-threaded holes on the edge of the fin, which is all that is seen on the exterior of the kayak. You can either remove the whole thing each time you deflate your AIRE kayak, or you can just leave it and roll the boat loosely. The interior diamond shaped mounting plate must be lined up straight when you punch the two holes, since having it canted a bit left or right would cause the fin to be crooked and your 'yak to spin in circles.

With the fin's surface area being fairly small, this kit works best with little solo boats like the original pre-2010 Force, and that was what AIRE intended it for. Boats like the Lynx I track very poorly because they were not designed for flatwater at all. The longer the boat, the less tracking it provides, yet even people with tandem Tomcats and the like have reported improvements. Quite a few people who have used these on their SuperLynx have also told us the skeg makes a worthwhile difference, though we have not personally tried a skeg-equipped Superlynx and it seems a huge hull for this tiny fin.

AIRE's system won't work with any other brand of kayak that has a integral inflatable floor since you couldn't punch through an air chamber. It will work with Innova's discontinued Junior model, and the new NRS Outlaws, since those kayaks and a few others have a non-inflatable floor with a secondary inflatable buttrest on top. The mounting plate may wobble a bit with one of these other boats though, especially the Junior.

The AIRE Skeg Kit is $39

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